One more...

A final trawl through my late-Spring fortnight at Dungeness, by the simple medium of captioned photographs. Keeping it simple...

Four-spotted Chasers were common throughout my stay, although towards the end up to 400 were present
Sea Kale was at its best, strewn across the open shingle and beach looking like giant cauliflowers
Marsh Cinquefoil vanished from the DBO recording area in 1984, but has recently returned
The pale yellow and orange patches is Common Dodder - a parasitic plant that is having a very good year
Sea Clover at Camber. A plant that I rarely come across


It's an interesting grandparents grew up near Sellafield, used to take me to see it
Steve Gale said…
That's a part of the country that I'm unfamiliar with Simon

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