Too hot

Argyresthia brookeela - a smart little micro
When the temperature reaches 32C in the shade, it's not just us that start to melt and want a lie down, the birds, moths and butterflies do too. This afternoon saw me at Park Downs, unable to get much in the way of my hoped for pictures of Dark Green Fritillaries - they were skittish and fretful. In fact, there were few butterflies on the wing all round, and those that were didn't want to land.

Checking the garden MV on very warm mornings becomes difficult, as the moths are restless and will bolt as soon as you peer into the trap or lift an egg box. A pristine Blackneck would have made a lovely picture, but it left me for dead as I reached for a pot - maybe a lesson to take in what is before me, rather than automatically reach for a container with photography on my mind. The VES lure came up trumps again in the garden yesterday, with an Orange-tailed Clearwing, that danced before me allowing close views, but didn't settle and didn't return.


Gibster said…
Reached the dizzying heights of 13 degrees on Skye today and gonna be a blistering 15 tomorrow (though feels like 13...) Luckily the rain is due back on Wednesday so that normal service can resume. Think I'd melt if I ever returned daan sarf.
Steve Gale said…
It has been oppressive today Seth...

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