Dungeness Flora

Although any stay at Dungeness will be primarily focused on birds, it would be foolhardy not to pay attention to the splendid flora on offer - here are a few tasters...

Clustered Clover - a new species for me, and 're-discovered' close to the observatory
Bird's-foot - there was a fine show on the sand at Littlestone
Sand Catchfly - happy to flower in the hundreds close to beach huts and holidaymakers
Annual Knawel - underwhelming, un-showy, yet a firm favourite of mine, at Littlestone
Burrowing Clover - if you are at Dungeness, look down - it is all over the peninsula
Sheep's Sorrel - literally millions of plants turn the grassland red
Thrift - on the western side of the point can be found extensive drifts


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