Saturday, 4 August 2018

Back again

To not post for over a fortnight is something of a rare event here at ND&B, but it doesn't hurt to take a break now and again. That time has been spent on the rugged north Cornwall coast, so the next few posts will be a look back at some of the highlights in what was a family holiday that was liberally sprinkled with natural history diversions. On return home last night it was ridiculously warm - still 23.5C here in Banstead at 23.00hrs and didn't drop below 20C all night. The MV sprung into action and produced, amongst others, a total of 27 Jersey Tiger, 11 Tree-lichen Beauty, 2 Gypsy Moth and an Oak Processionary. Ten years ago that lot what have been the stuff of fantasists.


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Love moths, don't have the time to really get into them I fear.

Steve Gale said...

A trap full can take too long to process Jono, that is a fact.