Back again

To not post for over a fortnight is something of a rare event here at ND&B, but it doesn't hurt to take a break now and again. That time has been spent on the rugged north Cornwall coast, so the next few posts will be a look back at some of the highlights in what was a family holiday that was liberally sprinkled with natural history diversions. On return home last night it was ridiculously warm - still 23.5C here in Banstead at 23.00hrs and didn't drop below 20C all night. The MV sprung into action and produced, amongst others, a total of 27 Jersey Tiger, 11 Tree-lichen Beauty, 2 Gypsy Moth and an Oak Processionary. Ten years ago that lot what have been the stuff of fantasists.


Love moths, don't have the time to really get into them I fear.
Steve Gale said…
A trap full can take too long to process Jono, that is a fact.

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