Gone but not forgotten

If you thought that I would have ceased to bang on about Hawfinches (now that the irruption is but a dim and distant memory), think again. I miss them. I miss them a lot. As any regular visitor to this blog will know, I wrote quite a bit about them. They became, for a number of weeks, my focus. So, as a way of reliving the event I've collated those posts together, edited them and can offer, to those of you who are not already sick and tired of Hawfinches, a PDF to download. Join me once again and immerse yourself in those wonderful days when they were the commonest species on 'my' North Downs slopes.

Just click here!


They are just brilliant birds!
It is incredible how many species finches there are. I loved the one that you were able to capture in your photo... very interesting looking bird. Thanks for the share, have a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts. Great photo!

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