Thursday, 9 May 2019

A week is a long time in blogging

I've not posted for a week, which is a long time for me to go without boring you with a load of overspill from my increasingly befuddled mind. Admittedly, what with the birding being so mediocre lately, the moth-trapping non-existent together with the fact that I'm only just starting to put my botanical hat on, there has been little source for extracting any posts.

Back in March I started a painting and posted snapshots of its progress. And then I stopped working on it. This morning I started up again, so here is the latest instalment. Hopefully you can see that the focal point is a male Reed Bunting. I've decided upon a stained-glass window design, with a bit of art-deco nonsense going on in the background - a recipe for a dog's dinner if ever there was one - but hey-ho, painting is a great relaxant. The bird and vegetation needs more detail and the sky is pretty empty at the moment, so there is plenty to do before it's finished. Makes up for the lack of birds.


Gibster said...

Nonsensical dog's dinner or not, you've a rare talent going on there Mr Gale, sir. Very impressive indeed.

bob smith said...

hi steve
remind me Steve did you already have a blue background overall. I guess its a bit of a judgement knowing when to stop with the detail.Bye the bye what happened to the seascape
did you get into into the RA Summer show. About time you had an exhibition-or have you had one already?


Steve Gale said...

Thank you Seth, you’re a gent.

Steve Gale said...

Hi Bob, yes, the blue background was already there. As for the seascape, I did enter it (and another painting) into last years Summer Exhibition, but neither were selected. As for an exhibition? No plans as yet.