Saturday, 11 May 2019

Sentinel complete

This is the last post about the latest painting, honestly! This morning I added the final daub of paint and decided that that was enough - I could have carried on adding a bit here, over-painting there, but would most probably have added too much noise to what was already a busy painting.

Pretension dictates that I give it a title, so rather than 'Reed Bunting' I give you 'The Sentinel'. This was based on a picture I took at Dungeness two years ago (almost to the day) of a most confiding, singing Reed Bunting that was using the top of a low bush as a song post. That image is below.

Now I need to get back out into the field and fill this blog with observation derived posts. It's become an arts and crafts themed blog in recent weeks!


yossarian said...

Outstanding painting and a brilliant shot too.

Steve Gale said...

Thanks Adam, it isn't just your football team choice that shows good taste.... ;-)