Sunday, 11 October 2020

Red-backed Shrike

It was an absolute delight to bump into this juvenile/first-winter Red-backed Shrike at the northern end of Littlestone Golf Course yesterday afternoon. It was showy and confiding, taking little notice as the local birders gathered to enjoy the spectacle. Cars brushed past the bird's roadside bush without bothering it, and some birders were able to turn up, momentarily stop the car, wind down the window and to watch the bird just feet away. It was feeding well, and, at the end of the afternoon once having regurgitated a pellet, was observed to roost deep inside its favourite bush. Still present this morning.

A full account of my week's stay at Dungeness will appear later.

1 comment:

Tim Saunders said...

Wonderful... takes me back to the Lizard about 10 Winters ago where an unfamiliar bird in the bush turned out to be the red backed shrike.