Monday, 9 May 2011

Canaries and cress

A very early start at Beddington Sewage Farm last Saturday, with more than a little hope for a bit of ornithological action - low cloud and showers was the forecast and at this time of year that normally means good birds at BSF. Although the weather was spot on the birds just hadn't read the script, and it was all a little deflating. Never mind, there's always other things to look at...

A wander onto the mounds, where the murky world of landfill meets the dirty world of dumped soil, I found two alien plants. Above is the not unattractive head of Canary-grass and nearby was Garden Cress, a species that I had not seen before.

I carried on looking down (rather than a birdless up) and was pleased to discover some Pink Water-speedwell growing on the shoreline of the southern lake.

Back at the watchpoint, the gathered birders, with little birding to do, embarked on a surreal passage of discussion which centred on a Penis museum based in Iceland (go and Google it, it does exist!). The Dock Bugs above must of heard us, because one of them appears to be using their's...

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