Jersey Liberation Front!

Mark Telfer, he who holds the keys to all that is 'pan-species listing', has just posted a set of rules on his website, to guide those of us crazy enough to take part and keep us on the straight and narrow. I was happily taking it all in until I came to the section marked 'Geography' which says:

'The biogeographical unit of ‘the British Isles’, i.e. Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man, including the seas around the isles (defined for the UK as the UK Economic Exclusion Zone of 200 nautical miles (370 kms) or midpoint between the UK and any neighbouring country). The Channel Islands don’t count.'

I read that last line again:



I've got a nice little package of plants that I've seen on Jersey, and nowhere else, all happily sitting on my pan-species list. You see, if you are a member of the Botanical Society of the British Isles,they allow you to count the Channel Islands. So do the Wild Flower Society.

Mark is suggesting that you CAN count species seen in Eire, altogether another country and one in which our bird administrators, such as the BOU, don't recognise. But, confusingly enough, the botanists and the lepidopterists do. Atropos, the worthwhile magazine that covers the moth, butterfly and dragonfly scene is active in its embrace of both the Channel Islands and Eire. So, I am starting a North Downs and Beyond campaign to get the CI's accepted as part of the recording unit. Join me in insisting that the land of Bergerac, millionaires, Matt LeTissier, new potatoes and cows are not victimised by Mark. I just see it as a cunning plan to derail my attempt to overhaul Jonty Denton at number one!!


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