2713, as if you care...

2713. That's my new pan-species list total. A proper, and I mean proper overhaul of my lists saw some winners (five additional species of bird!) and losers (three fewer moths). The bird additions were all splits from the past few years that I just hadn't added - and I dare to call myself a birder...

There was big excitement in the garden when a ground beetle was foolish enough to hide under some old rush matting. Armed with Luff and a hand lens I confidently identified it as... truth be told I bottled it. I was pretty certain on the id, but a couple of things weren't quite right. I had visions of Telfer and Lyons looking over my shoulder, checking on my ability, scornful that a bit of stringing just might be about to be perpetrated. So, my ground beetle virginity remains intact for the time being.

I am hoping to top 3000 by the years end. If I can grasp beetles, lichens and mosses, then it will be a shoe-in.


Stewart said…
Nice one Steve, good lock on the UK3000 club.
Factor said…
Nice one Steve. Went for a walk around Holmwood Common this afternoon. Lots of trees, particularly Silver Birch, with a bright orange dusting on the trunk - any idea what that might be?

You'll probably say it's paint!
Steve Gale said…
Stewart - even if I make it, compared to the big pan-listers, this is schoolboy stuff.

Factor - what Pantone number was it? :-) There are a number of things that can appear orange on tree trunks, including lichen, algae and rusts. No doubt to get down to species level would need a microscope. What with a tripod, scope and binoculars, one more piece of equipment for the field is one too many

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