Spring of the Ox-eye

This seems to be the spring of the Ox-eye Daisy. In spite of (or maybe because of) the dry weather, great rafts of this underated flower have been obvious wherever I have travelled in the south of England. The picture above was taken this morning at Nork Park, Banstead.

Apart from good numbers of Goats-beard (a few now gone to seed) and a little Meadow Vetchling, the meadows in the park were not overly productive, although I was tempted to get the camera out for this Bird's-foot Trefoil, exhibiting why one of its popular names is Bacon and Eggs.

With the bank holiday before us, the weather has turned cool, breezy and damp, even down here in the parched south. I think another plant foray at Beddington is called for tomorrow. Maybe I will bring you an update on how the 'survey' is going - you lucky people...


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