Friday, 10 June 2011

Coming up...

Above, a visual clue to whet your appetite for future posts. No, I'm not going to embark on an internship at the nearest branch of Subway, rather I'm going to be staying at a bird observatory - no, sorry, a field centre - that is well known for Lizard Orchids, Open Golf and a twitchable Sharp-tailed Sandpiper back in 1987.

As has become an annual event, I'm leaving the family and mutt behind to wallow in all things natural history for a few days. I have no expectations other than the hope that it won't pee down all the time, blow a gale and that my optics remain fully functional. If they have wi-fi (some hope) then I might even be able to post.

Rather perversely for a so-called birder, the last thing I want when I stay at an obs is for something incredibly rare to turn up. I want to have a bit of space when I visit one, not share it with a mob of blokes carrying ladders. So, unless I stumble across something just as I'm about to leave, I sincerely hope that I don't jam in.


Graham James said...

Have a great time Steve.
Dungeness should be good (never was great at cryptic clues)

FAB said...

Enjoy your stay at that well known Bay.

I'm heading north to Cumbria and may have to pack the wellies!!