Monday, 13 June 2011

Wi-fi back

After last nights wi-fi no-show at the bird observatory, tonight it's all systems go again. Above is the Lizard Orchid photo that you didn't see as a result of Saturday nights Blogger picture uploading failure...

Anyway, yesterday saw me giving pondweeds a good grilling (best served with a pinch of sea salt), failing to kick up any Foresters (or rather, carefully scanning the correct field to negative result) and discovering a room at the obs with a television (Bang & O if you please).

Today I embarked on the long walk to the point that supplied me with a fine cross section of saltmarsh plants (including Sea Milkwort, below) and two Rest Harrow moths (also below)

1 comment:

Kingsdowner said...

Cool, never seen sea milkwort.

Hope you're not suffering too much in the basic conditions (only B&O?)