Sunday, 9 October 2011

The back garden will provide

Another morning, and another bleary-eyed one courtesy of more Rugby World Cup. The moth trap was a little livelier than yesterday, but the Green-brindled Crescent (above) was the only species that got a brief 'ahhh' from me as I turned the egg boxes over.

In an attempt to get to 3,000 before the year's end (I've left it too late I think), I wandered around the garden and added no fewer than three species (courtesy of slugs and snails). All common, and all overlooked by me as I've basically never looked at them before. My fellow pan-listers must despair of my efforts... I reckon there are quite a few more to be had in my humble plot. As I was doing this, three noisy Crossbills flew over.


Stewart said...

What kind of Crossbills? Might they be Cape Verde Crossbill or Corfu Crossbill? You never know what this weather may bring ... ;)

Steve Gale said...

Stewart, as far as Crossbills are concerned, you can lump the bloody lot of them (apart from Two-barred that is).