Thursday, 6 October 2011

Humble pie

Well, Blogger finally caught up with me. I was taken to a 'correction centre' and made to realise that I could no longer go under the guise of a naturalist if I persisted in my ways. I was made to watch ALL previous episodes of Springwatch and Autumnwatch to re-establish a relationship with British wildlife. I wasn't keen at first, but they had ways of making me (see picture above).

After that I was sent out into the wild and told to write down what I saw and have all sightings verified by a celebrity naturalist who officiates in such ocassions. I felt that Miss Humble was rather harsh in rejecting my claim of an overflying Sandhill Crane. She did, however, allow my Loch Ness Monster - I bet that's one that even Jonty Denton hasn't seen!

I've got the next fortnight off of work, so will hope - in between bouts of watching the Rugby World Cup and decorating - to get out into the field... you never know, I might just blog about it.

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