Winter Heliotrope

Nothing gladdens the heart on a winters day more than a bank of flowering Winter Heliotrope (OK, I can think of several things that do, but for grammatic effect I will choose to ignore them). These plants were cascading over a bank of dumped topsoil close to Reigate Hill. Flowering was not in profusion, but plenty of the tassel-like flower heads were present. This species is naturalised in Britain and can often be found on roadsides, the large rounded leaves giving the plant away long before the flowers do.


Rob said…
The aroma is characteristic, too, but what would you say - marzipan, cherry pie...?
Steve Gale said…
Hi Rob, I often have my own take as to what a plant smells like. Your own descriptions for Winter Heliotrope sound good to me. Subtle, but pleasant.
Anonymous said…
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