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Sarah Raven's excellent TV series, 'Bees, butterflies and blooms' finished last night with her attempts to turn Birmingham into a city that boasted wildflower meadows within its concrete heart. She and the Brummie councellors succeded to a point. The cameras also visited Leeds and Liverpool where some simply stunning transformations had taken place. Sterile grass banks and prim and proper flower beds had been turned into billowing masses of Corn Marigolds, Cornflowers, vervains and a host of other flowers that encourage pollinating insects to subsequently proliferate. The series has made me think about how we treat our modest garden here in Banstead. We are on chalk and the opportunities are many to encourage the sort of plant species that insects love. I posted about a similar scheme in Cheam Park last June (click here). I'm looking forward to donning the gardening gloves, searching out the trowel and attacking our chalky soil in the very near future. I'll keep you posted.

I have decided to give mosses a proper go. They have been calling to me and I can no longer ignore the calls. Plus points: there are loads of them and no doubt some pan-species action in the garden. Minus points: they're hard to identify.

Tonight is going to get no lower than 10 degrees C (according to the nice man from the met office). The moth trap is switched on. I've already been out and checked it twice. It isn't even properly dark yet. If I don't get at least a Pale Brindled Beauty tonight I'm going to cry...


Jerry said…
I agree, great series - also good idea about the moth trap - better get down the garden to blow the dust off the old MV then.

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