Micro flush

The MV sprang into micro life last night with four micro species (pictured) being recorded. They are, from the top, Argonopterix heracliana, Acleris ferrugana/notana, Ypsolopha ustella and  Tortricodes alternella. Also present was a single Chestnut and two Hebrew Characters.

It was great wandering around the trap in a t-shirt, chasing little-flying-things instead of looking at empty, cold air. Spring really seems to have arrived, but I've been here before. We could be knee-deep in snow within a fortnight...

If there are any visitors to this blog who are thinking of getting involved in recording moths then I can recommend visiting any of the county moth groups web sites that have been set up to help them on their way. Many of them exhibit a 'what's flying tonight' page that lists species that are likely to be seen at that given time. I've found the Hants Moths site really useful in that respect for micros. It saves an awful lot of time if you can review the likely candidates for the moth that is sitting in the pot that is set before you.

(Macro: 3 Micro: 5)


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