Sunday, 20 May 2012

In lieu of Bee-eaters

I wish I could tell you about the local flock of Bee-eaters that I found, regale you with tales of how I tracked down rare plants along the North Downs, and amaze you with my new found prowess with all things moss. But none of that came to pass. So, until these things actually come true, please accept my image of a Holly Blue, which sat out a dull spell at Canons Farm yesterday.

So, it's the Europa League (and not the Champions League) for Tottenham... at least the Met Office are promising proper summer weather for later in the week. I ran the garden MV for the first time in weeks last night, but the catch was severely depressed in number. More like February than mid-May.

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Steve, your shot of a Holly Blue is more than compensation for the lack of Bee-eaters etc. (Spurs will just have to finish 3rd next year mate).