Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pink Purslane

A stroll along the North Downs at Ranmore was interupted when I descended to Abinger, where I wanted to check on a site for a local moth, Balsam Carpet. This latter site is on the Greensand where a silty-bottomed stream meanders through woodland. I failed with the moth (maybe a little early, maybe it's not a good year for them), but did come across this stunning show of a plant that I hadn't seen before - Pink Purslane. It is an introduction, commoner in northern and western Britain apparently than down here in the south. As I made my way back onto the chalk slope I found another fine stand of this same species that I'd totally ignored on my way down. So much for my observational powers...

A little cracker - almost looking like a crane's-bill

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