Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pan's people

What is the collective term of a group of pan-listers? A ticking? A frenzy? I hoped to find out when I joined the second and final day of the inaugral pan-lister's meeting at Heyshott Down in West Sussex. The event was organised by Graeme Lyons, to whom many thanks are due. Attendance was healthy, with some travelling from as far as Leicestershire and Merseyside. Both days had unbroken blue skies, were hot and today was also characterised by a stiff easterly breeze - this made photography difficult - the combination of glare and shake making for not altogether ideal conditions for obtaining decent images.

I was gladdened by the all-inclusive feel of the group. There were many experts within it, but nobody was anything other than modest, helpful and friendly. We had a good laugh which always makes a fine day in the field even better. Faces were put to names and I can safely predict that this will not be the last such gathering. Oh, what have you given birth to Mr Telfer?

I came home with a notebook full of latin that I need to decipher. What did we see? You'll have to wait until I can fathom that one out for myself. The post is in the post...

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