Friday, 26 July 2013

End of term report

Pupil: Steve Gale
Class: North Downs and beyond

Subject: Birds
Steven has tried hard to be taken seriously as a birder. Sometimes this has paid off, such as the discovery of a large Hawfinch flock in deepest Surrey. It was, however, noted that this find was during a non-birding interlude. His wife was able to find the best bird of the term in their back garden (a male Black Redstart) which, although subsequently being seen, he could not claim as his own. Members of staff at Beddington, Holmethorpe and Canons Farm report irregular attendance.
Work:B+ Effort:C-

Subject: Moths
A cold spring meant that his trap counts from the garden were very low, but all pupils suffered similar results. Since June however Steven has doubled his efforts and can possibly be considered unfortunate in a continued poor return. He should be congratulated on a fine Royal Mantle just before the end of the school year. The pheromone investment that he made showed initiative, but so far this has not been backed up by any showing of practical skills.
Work:C Effort:B-

Subject: Plants
A bitty year, full of vague walks and sketchy recording. A certain amount of success was obvious in June and July, but all finds were known by the Surrey Botanical recorder, although a last minute discovery of White Mullein at Chipstead Bottom gained him some much needed marks.
Work:C Effort:D

Subject: Blogging
Blogger has reported a magnificent attendance from this student this year, with a steady 15-20 posts per month. Viewing figures and comment numbers are up. It reports a tendency to post about non-natural history matters which is worrying. He also needs to understand that it's not big to try and be funny, and that we are laughing at him, not with him.
Work:B Effort:A-

Subject: Pan-listing
Steven's master in this subject (Mr. Telfer) was very disappointed with his showing in this school year. After last years magnificent effort he has added very few species, exhibiting a lack of effort and enthusiasm. With so many younger members of the school showing such passion for the subject, Steven should be very concerned indeed if he wishes to study this subject in the future.
Work:D Effort:D

Headmaster's report
Steven has been a cause for concern this year. We had high hopes for him last year, but these have rarely come to fruition. If ever the term 'should try harder' was relevant in a report, then this is it!

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