Hawfinch no show

Juniper Bottom, looking up the valley. Larches in foreground were good for Hawfinch in March

Juniper Bottom, looking back towards car park. The bank of yews supplied the March Hawfinches with food.

Last Sunday, after paying a visit to the Starfish Fungi, I took myself to Juniper Bottom, mainly to check for Hawfinches. Wintering roosts can start to build by now, but I am more than aware that the flock that was present here in March might well have been a one-off, or not start to form until later in the winter. Time will tell. No birds were seen, or heard.


Gibster said…
Those larches are also the only known site in Surrey for Bacotia sepium. Cases will be on the twigs right now. I've seen them more easily on the fallen branches, although couldn't find any last time I tried. Good luck! :)
Steve Gale said…
Thanks Seth, I'll look next time I'm there

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