December Moth

Yes, I know it's still November, but moths don't bother considering the names that us humans give them. It was a mild night last night, so the MV went out and my highlight was the capture of two December Moths. They are annual in the garden, but it's always a pleasure to see one. It is a species that looks wrapped up for the winter - look at that shaggy mane covering the thorax!

I was still holding on to the belief that a Cypress Carpet might still be on the wing - I've yet to record it in the garden. I wouldn't mind betting that 2014 will see it appear. And there is still the hope that the Black-spotted Chestnut will colonise from north Kent. Our lepidoptera is in a fluid state.


Very nice! Hoping for one this evening.

So far, just a few Limnephilus lunatus and a probable Limonia flavipes along with a few small flies.

It's mild but the trap isn't reflecting it. It is reflecting the growing urban sprawl. We had fields on the edge of our garden a good few years ago but they are now a kilometre or so away.

I remember climbing over the fences to run about in the farm fields. I do not think the current occupants would appreciate that.
Steve Gale said…
In some ways Andrew, these species that either hang-on in the winter months or actually prefer to appear then are all the more cherished I feel. By the way, well done on the Elfin Saddle!

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