Revolutionaries, math and a dream

A bit of a miscellany today.

The Bard of Littlestone came up with a few 'birding revolutionaries' which included:
Goosey Goosey Ghandi
Martin Luther Kingfisher
Kamal Attaturkey
Napoleon Bonaparte's Gull
Oceanodroma Castro

Not to be outdone, I joined forces with him to compile this list of 'birding rogues':
Josef Starling
Vlad the Impala (OK, it's a mammal)
Redpoll Pot
Jack Snipe the Ripper
Pitta Sutcliffe
House Martin Bormann
Heermann's Gull Goering

Today I am mostly disliking the use of the word 'math' (as in 'Do the math')

I had a dream last night that the Next Generation Birders had been outlawed and were rebranded as 'The Birding Youth', were then nicknamed 'Green Shirts' and started burning the notebooks of known rarity supressors. I'm in need of a holiday...


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