Thoughts for today

I've become sick and tired of poking my nose into other people's business, so God knows others must be even more sick and tired of me doing so. Enough's enough...

Today I would like to share with you a bit of hippy wisdom, which is..

If you want to be free, all you have to do is let go

I like that. The other bit of wisdom comes from Mad Men, the television series based in the advertising agencies of 1960s New York. A character was complaining about how unfair things in his life were, and as a response, he received this gem:

The universe is indifferent

I'm trying to take both of these on board. It's never to late to put on a kaftan and light a joss stick.


Factor said…
I tell you what - it's been one helluva week! Your old mate and fine blogster Gavin certainly lit a firework a couple of days ago. It was interesting that no-one opted to comment on it for a while. I wasn't sure what to say if anything and thought better of it. Like you say, time for a bit of karma and relaxation. As Mister Senor Love Daddy (Samuel L Jackson) says as a reaction to violence on the local streets in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing: "Yo! Hold up! Time out! TIME OUT! Y’all take a chill! Ya need to cool that shit out! And that’s the double truth, Ruth..."
Steve Gale said…
Yes Neil, and interesting week indeed. Maybe we need to send Mister Senor Love Daddy out there to dispense the chill pills...
Factor said…
It appears Gavin has closed his blog!
Steve Gale said…
A crying shame Neil.

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