The St. Judes storm gave us Southern Softies a bit of a shake-up earlier in the week. North of Watford they most probably wondered what all the fuss was about, but we mustn't lose sight of those whose lives were affected, and for a few it was truly tragic. In all honesty there was little to show for it in my neighbourhood - a few fence panels down, the odd branch splayed across the pavement and one fallen beech tree that closed a side road for an hour or two. In the copses and woods signs of the violent weather were more apparent, as the images above show. At least in these places the trees will be left alone, opening the canopy and giving home to dead-wood loving invertebrates.

As I sit here typing this, the wind is up again. No doubt a few trees were weakened last Monday and will take only a little persuasion to fall...


West of Watford, we spent the evening worrying until the curtains were drawn.

Upon awaking in the morning, I was oddly disappointed (and gladly relieved) to find I had worried for nothing. My parsnips, leeks and garlic were still standing upright!
Steve Gale said…
Glad the veg survived the pummeling Andrew

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