A bit more about Park Downs

You can read about Park Downs (and the work of the conservators) by clicking here.

I'm still bathing in the joy of yesterday's visit and will go back again very soon - there is much to see and plenty to find! A few more images from yesterday to give you more of a flavour of the place:

The northern boundary of the reserve. The yellow flower is Rough Hawk's-beard, a local Surrey species.
Looking south from the picture above. Most of the Bee and Pyramidal Orchids are in this general area.
Grassland detail. bejewelled with the crimson of Grass Vetchling flowers.


Derek Faulkner said…
Wow, that first photograph is something else.
I've just had a nice little surprise on The Swale NNR this morning - a Clouded Yellow butterfly.
Steve Gale said…
Derek, a Clouded Yellow flitting past sums up all of the wonder in nature - rare enough to be a genuine highlight and a butterfly that is a true migrant. You know that it has crossed the channel to get to you. Marvellous!

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