Wear a Pom with pride!

Alexander McQueen? Paul Smith? Ted Baker? These fashion houses better mind their backs and move aside because there's a new kid in town - Dungeness Bird Observatory! The warden and the committee have poached the best young designers in Europe to produce the 2015 'Pom Collection', which was launched at a star-studded, invitation-only soiree held in The Britannia Inn car park last month.

For modest and affordable prices you can own one (or all) of the Pomarine Skua range - polo shirt (£15), sweat shirt (£20) and fleece (£25). And you can have any colour that you like, as long as that colour is black. They come in S, M, L, XL and XXL. Knowing the birding demographic, the sales of S and M will most probably be poor, as most birders are (a) middle-aged and (b) overweight - therefore the stock of L - XXL will be kept topped up! If you want to purchase any of these desirable garments (and why wouldn't you want to support one of the UK's foremost ornithological establishments), you can place orders by emailing Dave Walker at dungenessobs@vfast.co.uk

I will be taking to the catwalk to show off the clothing when I return to the shingle later this month. Rumours that the launch of the DBO 'boxer and thong' range is imminent has been strongly denied.


Gill Hollamby said…
Interesting mind picture that conjures up! But really good quality gear.
Paul Trodd said…
I`ve seen more Poms on fleeces recently than over the English Channel this spring; however, not sure I`m ready for the `boxer and thong` range `til I`ve lost a few pounds/stones...
Steve Gale said…
Neither of you need worry - I've got a well-known birding resident of Littlestone lined-up to model them!

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