An autumn viola

Langley Vale Farm has been very kind to us Surrey naturalists this year, with plenty of arable gems appearing in the very few places left for them to do so. 95% of the farm has now been harvested, so with stubble to check for lingering plants I spent Saturday afternoon up hill and down dale.

Quite a way from any public footpath I stumbled across two flowering Viola plants - had this been woodland in March I would have walked right past, but this being mid-September and arable farmland, my alarm bells started to ring. Could they be Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor)?

Truth is, I don't know. I've read up about them and have so far been warned about variable leaf shape, variable petal colour and the likelihood of hybrids and garden through-outs. But if, after looking at the images below, you have an opinion, I'd be pleased to know.


VEry pretty, it's so good to find colour in autumn
Derek Faulkner said…
If I was pressed to make a choice it would be between Common Dog Violet and Sweet Violet, they seem to be the only two that, after Spring, have a second flowering in Aug-Sept.
Steve Gale said…
Thanks Derek, I wasn't aware that the early spring flowering violets sometimes have a second flowering at this time of year. I live and learn...

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