Hello, Goodbye

Since 2009, David Campbell has been single-handedly looking after the Canons Farm and Banstead Woods blog. Next Monday he is packing up his car and heading south to take up position as Assistant Warden at my spiritual home, Dungeness Bird Observatory. He will be far too busy (most probably writing descriptions for the rare birds that he will find) to tend to the blog, so I have agreed to look after it for him. You can visit it by clicking here, or look out for the updates in my 'Worthy Blogs' column to the right of this post. My best wishes go to David. He will have a fantastic time, at a remarkable place, and will get tremendous support from a great bunch of local birders. I will, of course, visit...

I have also added two other blogs to the list, both from Surrey birders that will inspire - Thorncombe Street Diary & Godalming area birding, and South Guildford Birding.


Derek Faulkner said…
Boy, I bet you're envious of David.

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