The day of the Chaffinch

Sometimes it just takes a bit of sun and some unassuming local birds to make the world a better place. Today followed that recipe, although the cold NE wind did try to reduce the joy somewhat.

First up were a pair of Siskin and a female Blackcap on the back garden feeders; then a modest passage of Chaffinches overhead; followed by a Red Kite languidly flying over Epsom racecourse; all topped off by a huge finch flock at Canons Farm which comprised 1,100 Chaffinch, 150 Linnet and 3 Brambling. Oh, and four of these...


Derek Faulkner said…
No chance of seeing any butterflies on The Swale NNR this afternoon in an E gale while doing a WEBS count, could barely stand up in it.
That butterfly has found a patch of sun to bask in. My first butterfly was a small tort yesterday

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