Local round-up

I've not wandered far over the past week. My nearest 'patch', Canons Farm, has been quite kind, with an Iceland Gull, Mediterranean Gull and Dartford Warbler to keep me (and others) more than happy.  The chances are that the farm will revert back to its sleepy self, although in truth there is always something going on there - this morning saw an increase in thrush and finch numbers, together with a further three Stonechats (below), following on from the three of last week. They are an expected, and most welcome,  part of early spring in north Surrey.

The back garden has been a hive of activity also. The birds are going crazy for the sunflower hearts, with Goldfinches to the fore, but also Greenfinches and Chaffinches joining in the feeding frenzy. Star birds at the feeders though have been a male Siskin and two female Blackcaps.


Derek Faulkner said…
Huh, wished I had those birds in my garden. 50 odd sparrows are all I get on my hearts on a daily basis. That aside, what a stonking Spring day, wall to wall sunshine and very warm.
Steve Gale said…
Low grey cloud and drizzle here Derek!
Derek Faulkner said…
Blimey, how strange, I even put my newly un-hibernated tortoises out on the lawn for half an hour, it was that nice.

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