Rubies scattered in grass

Borne singly on thread-thin stalks, the Grass Vetchling flower nods coquettishly on even the lightest of breezes. The intense, pure magenta can be seen from some distance, belying the smallness of the bloom. To see them dotted through grassland, like scattered rubies, is always a delight. So it will come as no surprise to you that my afternoon walk through the orchid fields of Park Downs was greatly enlivened by plenty of newly emerged Grass Vetchling. If I were so crass as to come up with a 'botanical top ten', it would be there. The Bee and Pyramidal Orchids are yet to show their glory - I've got that joy to come...


Derek Faulkner said…
I agree re. the Vetchling, we have it in some places on the Swale NNR here on Sheppey. It is such an under-stated, delicate little flower that is easily missed amid the grass.
One of my (crass) top ten too, Steve! Love the ruby metaphor.
The other day I was watching a Small Blue nectaring on a Grass Vetchling flower and it’s got to be one of my favourite sights of this year so far. Tiny butterfly, tiny flower - two jewels, a perfect match!
Steve Gale said…
I never tire of seeing them Derek
Steve Gale said…
Lucy, beautifully put!
Lighter in col;our than the common vetch I've been seeing
Steve Gale said…
It's more a magenta than crimson, Simon.

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