Big hoverflies

We were in the garden a couple of days ago when Katrina suddenly backed away from me (I cannot blame her) and exclaimed "I don't like the look of that!" She had just seen this...

I was able to immediately put her at rest by telling her that it didn't sting, although it was very big and looked like a hornet - it was, in fact a hoverfly - Volucella zonaria, a hornet mimic. They are magnificent insects and illustrate how varied the hoverflies are, with some in comparison being tiny wisps of things. I've recorded two other Volucella in the garden, both large, arresting and most probably responsible for many a sudden panic in back gardens up and down the country..

Volucella pellucens
Volucella inanis


I love these things, been a while since I've seen one.
Steve Gale said…
Jono, they always give me a buzz of excitement when one comes into view.
Derek Faulkner said…
I see that there is a Dungeness feature in the latest RSPB magazine.
Steve Gale said…
I had a (very) small part to play in it Derek.

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