Back to Priest Hill

The UK autumn may really have started several weeks ago (with failed or non-breeding adult waders moving through), but in ND&B land we have only just declared the season open! To be honest, once I start to see Harebells, Clustered Bellflowers and Common Toadflax flowering, and Copper Underwings and Flounced Rustics in the MV, then I know that the summer is starting to think about ushering in the autumn. In all reality, this seasonal thing is not straightforward, as they overlap, merge and share many aspects. Serves our right for trying to label and pigeon-hole everything.

Anyway, my sudden acceptance of all things 'autumn' has mainly been driven by my return to Priest Hill SWT Reserve. You may remember that I adopted it as a patch at the end of last autumn, and my time there has been gratefully rewarded, with such highlights as Cattle Egret, Woodcock, Jack Snipe, Common Snipe, many Red Kites, Peregrine, a good passage of Wheatear, Stonechat and Common Redstart, Ring Ouzel, Grasshopper Warbler and a wintering flock of Reed Bunting. I stopped regular observation there in mid-May, and started up again two days ago (25th) with three Willow Warblers being a good start. This morning was about a westerly passage of Swifts (150+), a handful of warblers (possibly all local breeders unlike the Willows), and a noisy feeding flock of 90 Goldfinches. A family party of Meadow Pipits were good to see, two of which are pictured above. A tidy start.


Derek Faulkner said…
Everywhere at the moment feels like early autumn, quite strange. But as I've commented before, I don't believe that we have four seasons any more, just a six month autumn and a six month spring/summer. The clearly defined four seasons that we had as children are long gone.
Steve Gale said…
I think you have a valid point there Derek. A crying shame.
Gibster said…
I've just realised you have a Long-tailed Blue as your banner pic. Nice! In the UK or overseas?
Steve Gale said…
Dungeness, September 1st 2016. It flew in front of me after a rainstorm, landed, I took a snap and then it flew deep into cover and was not seen again. One of my natural history highlights.
Steve Gale said…
Sorry Seth, that should be 2015
Gibster said…
Brilliant, gotta love the shingle huh?

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