Twitching in the rain

There I was, minding my own business, checking the empty bushes at Priest Hill, when a series of tweets came out of Beddington Sewage Farm, announcing the presence of an adult Sabine's Gull. I looked up into the drizzly sky, glanced around at the bird-less vegetation and decided to do something that I just haven't done since September 2012 - go on a mini twitch! Funnily enough, that was also to Beddington, on that occasion for a Gannet - and I hadn't been back since.

By the time I arrived at the sewage farm the heavens had opened, but the bad weather had maybe helped to keep the gull in place, as it was still on show on the South Lake. Poor 'record' shots were obtained with the bridge camera. It was just as pleasing to be able to meet up once again with many of the Beddington crew, some of whom I hadn't seen since that Gannet almost five years ago. I left quite pleased with myself, as reliving the twitching experience was, in fact, quite pleasurable. Have I woken up that moribund Surrey list of mine?


Gibster said…
First you're dissing the plethora of so-called nature writers, yesterday you lifetick a bug, today a twitch - good grief man, get a grip and admit you're a dirty PSL twitcher and get over it. Welcome back, buddy ;)
Steve Gale said…
I hadn't left Seth.... ;-)
Factor said…
Predictably I was working in London all day. Sounds like a very enjoyable twitch - especially meeting up with old friends
Steve Gale said…
It was Neil, but your presence would have made it all the better

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