What took you so long?

It is at least 20 years since I have recorded Garden Tiger (above) in the back garden MV. So to find a single lurking there this morning was quite notable. The other main highlight(s) were the 2nd and 3rd garden records of Gypsy Moth (below), alas not a rare migrant here but a coloniser via accidental introduction.


Gibster said…
Last Tiger Moth I saw was this afternoon, sitting on the pavement, probably after being hit by a car. I moved it onto a fencepost anyway, in case it recovered it's faculties enough to fly away. It's a common moff up here. Gypsy Moth, nope I never did see one of those. Mythical status when I was last light trapping. Bit like those Lichen Tree Beauties you keep teasing us with...
Steve Gale said…
Well Seth, when you do come back to us 'darn Sarf' they will all be waiting for you!

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