Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Langley Vale Red Hemp-nettles

It was only four years ago that Red Hemp-nettle was discovered at Langley Vale by Caroline Bateman. This is a species that I have a great fondness for, a plant that I normally associate with the shingle beaches of Dungeness and Rye Harbour (where I had seen it before) - so when this population was discovered in Surrey, it was a must to visit. Annual trips along to this 'weedy' strip of north downs farmland are a pleasure, and the plant appears to be doing well. I counted 36 robust flowering specimens yesterday evening, all - bar one - in a small compact area.


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    1. Do you mean ‘look like them’ Simon? Plenty...

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    1. Ah, Mr Boyle. Just about to ask you when you are back home but just seen a Facebook post saying you are flying out of Heathrow!

  3. Ha! I'm back on Monday- I was going to get in touch earlier but saw you'd gone to cornwall!