Sunday, 15 December 2019

A challenge is issued

With just over two weeks left of 2019 I can, without any chance of being called hasty, concede to Stewart Sexton in our Surrey v Northumberland patch competition. I currently languish on 137 species which is 64.31% of my historic uber-patch total. Stewart was already cruising along at 78.71% of his, and that isn’t taking into account at least four additions. Proper thumped I have been.

Now, I have, as Baldrick might say, a cunning plan...

My 2019 mini-Uber patch total of 100 species just happens to be 76.92 of its historic total. That is much closer to Stewart’s fine tally - might he be persuaded to take on my mini-Uber in 2020? He has had a record year, and myself a moderate one, so he would be gambling on losing his patch crown. I reckon he’ll pick up my proffered gauntlet and try to rub my southern snout into some good old-fashioned northern grit.

Over to you Mr Sexton.


Stewart said...

Aha! So its your mini patch v my whole patch? Yes, go on, best of three... :)

Steve Gale said...

Good man Stewart! Adds a bit of spice to the local birding.