Thursday, 5 December 2019

All quiet on the North Downs front

Banstead Heath goes all Countryfile calendar
At last we have been blessed by a spell of kind weather - sun, calm and frosts - after what seemed like weeks of wind and rain. This week, I've taken the opportunity to visit a number of local patches. I can, with confidence, say that it is very quiet out there.

At Canons Farm the largish finch flock were AWOL, and a couple of dusk vigils for any owls that may - or may not - have been in the vicinity, have drawn a blank. The Mogador farmland was deathly quiet, with not a single lark or pipit to disturb the distant rumble of the M25. Banstead Heath was even quieter, my notebook staying firmly in my pocket and the ink in the pen remaining unused.

Still, it was pleasant to be out, and there is always the hope that something - anything - will break cover and turn an ordinary day into one that becomes extraordinary.

The highlight at Mogador was a number of water-logged fields that lacked any passing waders


Derek Faulkner said...

It seems to be the case all round at the moment Steve but what spectacular sunrises and sets we have had, and doesn't the countryside look so great all frosted up.

Steve Gale said...

Agreed Derek, the big skies and colours at dawn and dusk are tremendous at the moment. Worth as much, even more, than a good bird.