Friday, 13 December 2019

Breathe in... and out

Imagine that you are on top of a cliff, looking back along a majestic sweep of sandy beach which is being gently washed by Atlantic breakers. Feel the wind in your face. Breathe in the tang of salt with a hint of gorse and heather. Listen to the Skylark that has just started up its song as it circles the cliff-top fields.

Close your eyes. Breathe in......... and out.

Now repeat, washing away the negative thoughts and fears. We are not about to enter a real-life 'Hunger Games'. We have not woken up in Orwell's '1984'. We are still among friends who share our values.

Breathe in......... and out.

Double up your effort to be a positive force in society. A helping hand here, a smile there. Do not crumple or give in. You are better than that. And when it all gets a bit too much, pick up your binoculars and go outside. Embrace the chaos. Look into the future with determination.

Can you see it? There, at the far end of this dark tunnel. Light. A great big ball of light.

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Chris Janman said...

I'm feeling a bit better today....

martinf said...

Thanks. I needed that :o

Steve Gale said...

Chris: funnily enough, so am I.

Martin: my pleasure