Friday, 14 August 2020

Back up

These bridge cameras are remarkable bits of kit. They will never compete with the big lenses in getting those award winning photographs, but as a bit of visual back-up they are great. I was at a very dull and murky Canons Farm this afternoon and saw a blob at the top of a dead tree, lifted my binoculars and could see that it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker. As a bit of an experiment, I took a picture of the scene with no magnification whatsoever, then a maximum x260 shot from the same spot, focused on the woodpecker. These are the results:

Pink circle where the woodpecker was perched.
Hand held on a dull old afternoon, digital x260. Not award winning, but if it had been a Middle Spot, then job done!
Once you start taking images with digital zoom settings then you are getting a load of 'made-up' pixels into the bargain, but it is still helpful in clinching identifications, being able to age or sex a bird etc. Just don't hope to win any awards for the quality of said image.

It was a hard slog around the farm this afternoon, with just single Whinchat (top), Stonechat (a spotty juvenile) and Willow Warbler to show for it.


Stewart said...

I always think its been worthwhile if you get a whinchat. A good 'proper' migrant.

Steve Gale said...

In total agreement Stewart. I love chats.