Friday, 7 August 2020


The day is hot and the weather forecasters are suggesting that we are in for a very sticky night - in fact, until the middle of next week, they are forecasting that we are in for night time temperatures not dipping below 17-18C, combined with light breezes and a smidgin of cloud. Ideal moth weather! Add into the mix that this pulse of warm air has come in from the continent and that there are plenty of migrant moths being trapped (some being screaming rarities), then there is much for this inland moth recorder to be getting excited about.

I'm not being greedy. Just a small slice of the action would be good. Hot weather spikes have been kind to me over the years, with wanderers turning up in the MV that should not be here - Scarlet Tiger, Royal Mantle and Gold Spot spring to mind, along with a fair scattering of 'commoner' scarce migrants.

I've enjoyed the challenge of trying to identify all of the micros this summer, some straightforward, others with the help of Bill Dykes. There is a folder on the computer desktop named 'Micros to do'. It is pretty full. Today saw Epinotia immundana (above) being welcomed onto the list.

What would I like if I could order any moth (within reason?) A Dark Crimson Underwing would be nice...


Derek Faulkner said...

On Sheppey we're starting to get a few Jersey Tigers in the gardens.

Steve Gale said...

Funny to think that I went all the way to Devon to seek out my first Derek.