Golden moments - km3 (Day 12)

I’ve been avoiding Epsom Downs because most of the good people of north Surrey seem to empty themselves onto the open grassland there, accompanied by dogs, bikes, bubble buddies, non bubble buddies, Lycra, kites, balls, scooters, horses, rucksacks, thermos flasks and those odd walking poles. Today I decided to (sort of) join them with my binoculars. It is a large enough area to be able to get away from the throng, and I spent a pleasant enough couple of hours on the southern flank. Undoubted highlight was a group of c20 Golden Plovers that moved through northwards, surprising in as much as such a sighting here would normally go hand-in-glove with hard weather. Able back-up came in the guise of a Peregrine. Apart from these birds however it really is very quiet. This lockdown 3km is hard work, but it isn’t as though there is anywhere else for me to go.


Gordon Hay said…
Despite no snow down South there has been plenty up North!
Steve Gale said…
That’s true Gordon, eyes to the skies!
Derek Faulkner said…
Whilst you're not actually complaining, a common theme on blogs lately seems to be one of birdwatchers complaining about the fact that lots of other people are using the countryside at the same time as them.
Was also surprised to read in my paper today that while shooting and angling are considered as exercise and therefore able to be carried out under current lock down rules, birdwatching is classed as recreation and therefore banned.
Steve Gale said…
Yes Derek, the birders complaint that there are others out there using the countryside for means other than birding is quite amusing and selfish. As you quite rightly say, shooting and angling are allowed under the governmental directive, but birdwatching isn’t - more to do with the power of the respective lobbying rather than common sense.

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