Thrush thaw - km3 (Days 21-24)

It is still cold outside, but the wind has shifted to the south-west and we are promised milder temperatures as from this evening. My Lapwing count has refused to budge over the past couple of days, and even though passage over Surrey has eased up, they are still being seen - I'll just have to chalk this down to bad luck, not being in the right place at the right time and the like. Locally there have been some sluggish thrushes moping about, too tame for their own good. Let's just hope that not too many have succumbed and the thaw will come to their rescue.

I had my Covid jab on Saturday, at a major hub that has been set up at the Epsom Downs Racecourse. I walked (only 40 minutes on foot from home) but confused all of the volunteers because I didn't arrive by car. There was no pedestrian access so had to duck under tape and push aside crash barriers to enter and exit. Not all that low-carbon friendly! Arm aches, feel a bit flu-like, but those are small side-effects to have to experience when compared with the protection it will give. Another by-product of my on-foot journey was hearing a Golden Plover call only 100m from our house. Win, win!


Derek Faulkner said…
You was lucky. I drove from Sheppey down to Folkestone last week for my jab. No side effects though.
850 Whitefronts on the Swale NNR this morning - nice sight.
Steve Gale said…
What jab Derek? Astra Zeneca (which I had) or Pfizer?
Derek Faulkner said…
Astra Zeneca - and I'm back there on 28th April for my second one.

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