Missing out - km3 (Days 13-19)

You wait three years for another 'Beast from the East' to turn up, and when it comes it has very little of the beast in it - better for the birds, not so good for the birder seeking a thrill. As far as the 3km area is concerned, the snow sort of came on Sunday and dribbled its way onto the ground throughout both Monday and today, in fits and starts. The easterly wind is cold, but is not getting above force 2-3, and does not carry that rapier like edge that the Beast did. Standing water has hardly frozen, and it was surprising to be walking along muddy paths this morning that were soft.

However, some have been treated to a bit of overhead wader movement in response to the cold weather - to the north, south, east and west of me, Lapwings, Golden Plover and Common Snipe have enlivened many a skywatch, but even though I have diligently been out in the field for the past three days, not a single Lapwing has passed over me. I cannot complain, my home area has provided me with many memorable visible migration/movement moments in the past - it may still deliver the goods tomorrow.

This morning at Canons Farm (sans Lapwing) it was still a decent session, with Red Kite, Peregrine and Raven (all beyond the realms of possibility not that many years ago, and reminiscent of a trip to mid-wales back in the 1970s). The Skylark and Linnet flock have come together, and number 110/100 respectively (a short video clip below of part of the flock).


Derek Faulkner said…
Lucky you with the weather, here on Sheppey we've certainly had something close to the Beast from the East and with temps. hovering around freezing all day and well below at night and set to stay below freezing until Sunday, we won't be thawing out anytime soon.
Steve Gale said…
I have friends in north Kent who are saying how 'mild' it is compared to back then Derek!

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