Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Traces - km3 (Day 20)

Another morning that was spent in the snow at Canons Farm. I was on the edge of a cloud bank for much of the time, being in either bright sunshine or snow-bearing greyness - at times this line was clearly delineated and made for a surreal and spectacular sight - my left half bathed in a golden ‘warmth’, my right chilled and spattered with ice. Headline news (of sorts) was that I got in on the cold-weather movement that has been recorded over the past couple of days, with a modest return of 25 Lapwing west and a couple of Golden Plover north. The passerine flock that has been faithful to the site for several weeks now had reduced by 50% overnight, now numbering 100 birds (50 Skylark and 50 Linnet). They fed in the open, between bare strips dividing the rows of stubble, with the larks leaving some tell-tale traces behind in the snow (below). A bit of video of some of these birds feeding is also provided. A morning for living in the moment and appreciating what was set out before me.


Gibster said...

Your video technique is improving no end, I fully expect you to have your own wildlife show on TV next year.

Steve Gale said...

I’m looking for a presenter Seth.... Seth?

Gibster said...

Hahahahaaa! I've the perfect voice for silent movies and I swear like a trooper. Probably not, eh?;)