Historical Hawfinches

To put the Juniper Bottom Hawfinch flock into context, this may well be the first three-figure UK flock for 29 years and the largest in Surrey for 47 years. In recent winters any double figure count of this species is unusual. I have had a very quick trawl through my available literature and have found these 'hundred plus' counts:

Holmwood Common:  flocks of 150 and 100, March 1919
Leatherhead: 'hundreds', February 1927
Earlswood: c100, February 1966

Site not specified: Walpole-Bond submitted a count of 200 in the early 20th century

Loddington: 'several hundred', early 20th century
Boxley and Tunbridge Wells: up to 100 at each site c1920
Bedgebury: 100, January 1975 and 150 in the winter of 1984

Epping Forest: 200 in February 1942

Blenheim Park: 122 during the winter of 1984

East Wretham: flock of 183 January 1975 and another of 151 in February 1980


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